W-T-Finances is financial literacy and advice for millennials looking to get their money right; using edgy humour, punchy visuals, and a little bit of science based mindfulness. Founded by financial coach and credit score expert Chantel Chapman, W-T-Finances is backed by science-based research in addiction and behaviour to explore how consumerism and mental health are linked to money problems. If you properly diagnose the issue, the prescription becomes obvious.



Whether it’s chasing, stacking, or spending—money is one thing we all have in common. As the founder of W-T-Finances, Chantel Chapman is considered the financial literacy teacher millennials have been waiting for; renowned for her edgy, relatable and intelligent mindful money guidance. Drawing influence from 14 years of experience as a mortgage broker, 10 years as a financial literacy consultant, and extensive research in addiction and mindfulness, her distinct disciplines make learning about money the antithesis of anything you experienced through traditional schooling. The host of the nationally recognized Adulting 101 event series, Chantel recognized the need to explore the ties between addiction and money to help people heal, grow, and strengthen their relationship with their bank accounts. After completing meditation teacher training in India and Vancouver, intentional mindfulness for healing behavioural issues with money have become a core part of her financial literacy education. Outside of being a mindful money teacher and credit expert,  you’ll find Chantel working with her co-founder on building an accessible alternative to traditional post secondary education – School by K&P. School by K&P is committed to bringing education and opportunities to marginalized communities.