How to live like Gucci Mane when you’re more like ‘can I get away with this knock-off?’



‘They say you got money, nothing else matters’ Gucci raps in ‘Making Money’; but the southern-influenced rapper, prolific for his gritty lyrics, talks about the importance of loyalty, family, and keeping a close community as a sign of wealth.

There can only be one Gucci, but I’ve compiled tips so you can adopt his attitude and mindset; one that will make you walk taller no matter what you’re stacking in your bank account.

Gratitude is a universal currency

We are evolutionary hardwired to be have a negative confirmation bias. This means that we are constantly and subconsciously on the lookout for danger. On a primal level, we see the world as a threat. This is why when good things happen, it seems easier to forget or dismiss it altogether. To cultivate true gratitude, we need to rewire our brains to acknowledge and absorb positivity that perpetuates a lasting, positive mindset. Feeling grateful will make you feel more content with what you have and not need to buy things to feel fulfilled. Without mindfulness the brain becomes lazy and automatic, reactive, and much noisier. 

Examine your inner money monologues so you can change your story

Begin to pay attention to your thoughts, beliefs, and words about money. What we think and say are powerful forces that shape our reality. Replace “I can’t afford that” with “I’m choosing not to buy that today.”
Visualize abundance and repeat to yourself: “I have everything I could ever need.” 

use the economic principle of opportunity cost. Ask yourself_ if I buy this handbag, what am I sacrificing in the future_ (3).png


True abundance isn’t about stuff, it’s about a feeling

Each person will have a different set of circumstances that make them feel whole and abundant; it’s important to define what those are for you. Material goods like a beautiful home, good food, and nice clothing might make you feel abundant, but so will health, time with friends, and experiences. Detach your perception of abundance from material wealth and start to create a broader and more inclusive definition. Make a list of moments you feel happiest that have nothing to do with money and protect time in your schedule to make those things happen. 

You can’t have a Gucci attitude without a Gucci crew

Being social is good for our money story because it bridges the gap between the inner and outer world, and reinforces your ideologies through the support of others versus the economic narrative enforced on us through advertising. Finding like-minded people who don’t give a fuck whether you wear labels or not is going to help solidify your choice of mindfulness over materials.

If you still feel the need to buy designer garb, use the economic principle of opportunity cost. Ask yourself: if I buy this handbag, what am I sacrificing in the future? If you're still convinced to put it on a credit card, create your pay back plan for that new purchase before you swipe. Remember, if you have a 10k balance on your 19.99% card and only pay 2% a month, you would be debt free in 83 years. How much is that purse worth to you in years, not dollars? 

use the economic principle of opportunity cost. Ask yourself_ if I buy this handbag, what am I sacrificing in the future_ (2).png


The ‘Why of the Buy’

If you understand why you want to buy something, it may bring some perspective and help change your mind. Are you upset about something else and trying to temporarily reduce pain with a purchase? 

The anterior cingulate cortex is a structure located deep inside the forehead, behind the brain’s frontal lobe. The ACC is associated with the ability to purposefully harness attention and direct behavior. People who meditate demonstrate superior ability to resist distractions and suppress impulses. In addition to self-regulation, the ACC is associated with learning from past experience to support improved decision-making.


Buying can feel like a whirlwind of good feelings in the moment. Learn to identify that rush and practice slowing down and stepping away from the gravitational pull of impulse. Put the clothes on hold and go for a walk or have a coffee by yourself, and ask if your life would be amplified by the buy. This is is not an easy thing to do when everywhere you look there is temptation to purchase a better version of yourself. This makes the “knock off” industry so fascinating in that you’re buying a fake brand because that brand tells the world something about you that you can’t show for yourself. 

That ain’t Gucci.

Chantel Chapman