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Heal Your Inner Child - Online Workshop

Inner child workshop


Led by Healing Coach Alexandra - Jo Hastings with a module dedicated to MONEY taught by guest speaker, Chantel Chapman.

The purpose of this program is for you to connect you with yourself… ALL aspects of yourself; Your inner child, shadow self, and higher self. As we learn about our inner wisdom and blocks through the eye of our inner child, we unravel the present day anxieties, fears, judgements, and blocks that affect our daily life.

 Do you find yourself //

+ falling into the same toxic relationship patterns every. damn. time?

+ working at a job that doesn’t support you emotionally, mentally AND/OR financially?

+ feeling like a victim to your own life?

+ wondering why your life isn’t “what it’s supposed to be”?

+ stuck holding onto the unhealthy “narratives” or “stories” in your life?

+ thinking about the things from the past that you “got over” but never worked through?

+ letting people walk all over due to a lack of self confidence and courage?

+ still searching for your soulmate?

 Do you find yourself saying “enough is enough”?

What if I could you that you had the power to //

+ take control of your life with ease and grace?

+ release the trauma, pain, and suffering that keeps you stuck in the past and fearful of the future 

+ create healthy boundaries with your family, friends and work colleagues 

+ understand your inner energies and learn to align and balance them for the rest of your life 

+ get in touch with your HIGHER-INTUITIVE-SELF

+ radiate the confidence and courage you need to level up in all areas of your life 

+ learn how to show up in alignment with for your soul mate 

+ learn money consciousness to manifest more abundance in your life

+ find more fulfilment, meaning, and joy in life

Do you want to be part of //

+ the Collective Consciousness

+ a group of likeminded women committed to their healing process, who support one another with love, encouragement, and understanding

+ a safe space to explore your repressed emotions and traumas

+ a safe space to release your fear and anxiety

+ a vortex for deeper healing and higher vibrations

The Program //

+ 8 live 1 hour curated lessons (with access to recording) via Zoom

$1900.00 Value

+ 10 intuitively curated high quality healing meditations (life time access)

$390.00 Value

+ 8 workbooks to support your healing journey with journaling reflection questions and supportive practices

$200.00 Value

+ Private Facebook Group with additional materials, integration, and support

+ 2 Months Monday to Friday email support

… $2000.00 Value 

+ Small intimate classes to promote connection, support, and sharing amongst circle

… Priceless

TOTAL VALUE // (what you’re getting)


YOUR INVESTMENT // (what you pay)

ONLY $679.00

Class starts June 3rd or June 5th. See below for full curriculum details and more about your guide Alex.