Break Up with Negative Money Narratives



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The Mindful Money Series

Get rich or buy tryin’ and book Chantel for an event, group or corporate coaching to level up over four days or pick a program à la carte:


This comprehensive course addresses spending behaviour and rewrites your personal money story through holistic healing. The first priority is to find out what is specifically wrong and then take steps to repair the issue. It will also navigate the intricacies of cryptocurrency and equip you with tools to cut ties between consumerism and addiction for long-term financial well-being.


If debt is a worry and you find credit tricky, this is the course to take. It breaks down the basics and offers practical guidance to understand and manage different types of debt, a 5-step program to a sexy credit score, and why a top-notch credit score is imperative for financial stability.


The best way to save more money is to stop spending it. This course provides a must-follow framework for creating financial values and goals, and actionable tasks you need to apply those lessons to your own finances, including spending and saving hacks. 


Sometimes you need a clever “cheat” to help you on your way towards maximizing financial opportunity. This course is all about real-world application to help you shop for the right mortgage, navigate closing costs, and build wealth through your home.


The Rich Meditation:

Book Chantel for a guided meditation class. This course is a practice to activate the parasympathetic nervous system to help bring a sense of calm into your life and equip you with the tools to steer away from overspending when you're emotionally vulnerable. Improve your overall well-being and create positive emotions about wealth. Get that money!